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photo by T. Voekler

I’ve noticed, as the author of this under-read blog, that certain posts tend to get more click-throughs than others.  In fact, the most-clicked post of this whole blog endeavor seems to be the one titled “How to make a small airplane look big”.  For some reason, this title seems to resonate with people who are searching the internet for instruction on how to make an airplane, or on how to make a small airplane, or how to make a big airplane.

My post on the seasonal bug infestation in Klamath Falls, simply titled “Midges,” has also drawn many readers.  And, a few years ago when I posted about our trip to a hot springs site on the Verde River in Arizona, that had a small bump in click-throughs over my average posts.  I assume that all of these are being discovered through Google searches on these topics.

My blog is not a secret.  If you do a Google search on my name, my blog comes up in the first page of results.  I’ve sent out the link in holiday letters to friends and family, and it is listed on my Information page on Facebook.  I guess the way to get more readers I know, if that were my aim, would be to advertise my posts on my Facebook wall, or try to link up with other successful bloggers and get a guest spot on their blog or have them do a guest post on mine.  But when I consider doing things like this, I always hesitate.  Do I really want the pressure of writing for a larger audience, for people whom I may not know well?  Do I really want all my “friends” on Facebook reading every post?

I honestly don’t know the answers to these questions.  I started my blog in order to get myself in the habit of writing regularly, and to offer a view into my life for far-away relatives and friends.  I still find the writing rewarding, and have had fun with the inclusion of photos.  But 3+ years into the endeavor, I’m starting to ask myself “what’s next?”  Continue in the same manner?  Get a “blog makeover,” take better pictures, and make a concerted effort to gain a larger readership?  Quit the blog and start writing a book?

I’m still pondering.  I’ll take your suggestions– anyone who’s out there reading!  Meanwhile, I’ll probably attract lots of bloggers who are looking to increase their readership with the title of this post.


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