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New Toy

We caved and bought a Nook tablet last weekend.  I won’t list all the reasons we “need” something like this, because I’m of the opinion that most of us don’t ever much, if any, of the technology that seems to surround us.  But it will be nice to have something small to use while traveling or feeding the baby.


Oh, did I mention the baby?  Amazing how those gratuitous baby photos just seem to pop up out of nowhere.  I wanted to test the photo adding tools of the app I’m using to write this post, and so far it’s even easier than on the fullsize computer.  See?


I can even add a caption easily

That’s a banana next to Maya’s cheek.  We thought she might be interested in solid food– and she is. Very.  Now that it’s two days later, though we’re not sure her intestines liked it. I’m right now holding a sleepy baby who wore herself out struggling valiantly to poop. Oh well, it’ll make its way out eventually.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep playing with my new toy.  Bo caught me doing the crossword on it last night, and gave a look of disgust. Need?  No, I’m pretty sure we don’t need this.  But it’s fun anyway.


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