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Random Coincidences

IMG_2793cropA couple days ago, on Veteran’s Day, to be exact, I was walking with Joda, absorbed in some long literary reverie that concluded with the thought that I wanted to read The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West.  I was supposed to read it about 15 years ago for a seminar I took in grad school, so I knew I used to have a copy somewhere.  After half a dozen moves, however, I didn’t quite know where it might be, if I indeed still had it.

Later that morning, I was listening to a podcast that specifically mentioned The Day of the Locust, which again reminded me of the morning’s resolution.  So that afternoon, when I attacked yet another box of books in the garage, I was happy to see that my copy of the novel was inside.

Also in that box were two comic books that made me nostalgic for my college days: Matt Groening’s Love is Hell and School is Hell.  With a fond smile, I put them in the magazine rack in the powder room for the intermittent reading pleasure of me and my guests.  With the new unauthorized “biography” of the Simpsons out and the corresponding controversy about its claims that Matt Groening had little creative input into the show’s development and popularity, it was nice to reminisce about the “old” days, pre-Simpsons, when Groening was still a cult figure and my friends and I would read the Life in Hell comic strips religiously.

As of this morning, I’m about 6 chapters into The Day of the Locust and have just been introduced to a character named Homer Simpson.  How funny!  A series of minor coincidences has just come full-circle.


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