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In Motion

Her finger is not actually *in* her nose

Her finger is not actually *in* her nose

Now that Maya is mobile, my job as photographer/chronicler is more difficult.  Perhaps this series of photos will illustrate what I mean better than words can.



IMG_8738Or this:

20141227_09321520141227_09323420141227_093212I feel like there’s something about that last photo that shows a resemblance to me.  Maybe it’s just a mannerism, or a shape to her facial expression, but as the parent of a child who looks nothing like me, I guess I’m always sort of looking.




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Gone but not Forever


I’m pretty sure it was summer the last time I posted.  Now it’s fall, or possibly winter!  Today was definitely fall, as evidenced by the photo above.  Tomorrow there is supposed to be snow (I don’t think I will take a picture like the above in that setting… unless she is really, really driving us crazy!  ha ha).

In general, Maya is not driving us crazy at all.  She’s very fun.  As you can see, she has two teeth, and while there were periods of pain for us all, it was really quite easy teething.  We suspect she’s got the two upper incisors starting to make their way out right now.

A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.  It had nothing to do with Maya, so it was quite a rude irony, since I sometimes am sleep deprived because of her.  However, I discovered that I could get a lot done in the middle of the night when no one else was up.  What a wonderful plan!  I thought.  Sleep deprivation, here I come!  The key would be coffee.  Coffee in the morning, coffee in the afternoon.  I suddenly became a regular at the overpriced coffee stand at the library.   The result is… I sleep every night from the moment I lie down until the moment I am rudely awoken by my alarm clock or someone else in my family.  Oh well.  The coffee tastes good and is something to look forward to in the afternoons.

Besides, what work is more important than this one?


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Auto Lift

IMG_7004His calm demeanor conveyed none of the drama as he said, “I didn’t want to worry you when I came back to bed last night, but the cops were up the hill shining flashlights into our backyard, looking for a car thief.”


As far as we can figure…  Someone got pulled over by the local police in the middle of the night (three guys, it turns out) for a traffic violation and it was discovered that the car was stolen.  The car thieves tried to escape, the police gave chase, and they all ended up at the dead-end street up the hill from us.  The thieves ditched the car, ran down the hill, vaulted over the fence into our backyard, and kept going.  In trying to get out of our yard, one of them body-slammed the wooden gate on the side of the house.  This is what woke up Bo.

After ascertaining that no one was trying to break into our house (which is what it sounded like), he started wondering why the bright flashlights kept sweeping across the backyard from up the hill, and why the dog next door was barking like crazy not in the direction of the lights, but, as it turned out, in the direction our car thieves had run.

After awhile, he decided to investigate, which meant walking toward the cops with the flashlights.  Except that he didn’t know what the lights were or who was holding them.  The fact that he didn’t get shot or arrested by antsy officers is Lucky Thing #1.

Once he heard the gist of what was going on, he wanted to get back to the house, but of course the cops wouldn’t let him backtrack through the area they were watching, so he had to go all the way around the block and up our street, which was crawling with the rest of the local police force.  The cops up the hill radioed ahead so that their fellow officers wouldn’t, you know, shoot him or arrest him.

IMG_7008When he arrived home, there were police officers in our backyard, with the K-9 unit, searching for signs of the perps.  We don’t know if they found anything, but they left without taking the brand new Chicago Bulls cap, or a pair of shiny ear buds.  Or the bloody latex glove (is this starting to sound like an Agatha Christie novel yet? or a crime scene involving a former Buffalo Bill?).

IMG_6946Further investigation (by us, not the cops) revealed that the fence-hoppers had indeed landed in our garden, which seemed likely given the placement of things.  About 30 unripe tomatoes fell off our roma plant, which was knocked over but not killed.  The rest of the plants were likely saved by the cucumber trellis, which would have been visible even in the dark.  Lucky Thing #2.  And #3:  nobody was impaled on the fence stakes or rebar serving as tomato cages.

Our neighbor across the street said one of the perps was arrested in front of his house shortly after sunrise.  And more than a week afterward, we found out that our neighborhood Tea Partier who’s always reporting people for various delusional crimes had, true to her nature, called the police to complain that the single mom renting the house kitty-corner to us “must be doing something wrong because so many police cars are parked outside her house.”

IMG_6996cropMe and Maya?  We slept through it.  Through everything– the gate crashing, the dog barking, the police and K-9 investigators right outside the bedroom window.  So either that is Lucky Thing #4, or it’s the fact that Bo woke up and made sure we were all safe.

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The past 6 weeks

Aug4-2013Has it really been six weeks since I last posted?  Yes, maybe even more!  YIkes!

I feel bad.  I have a few posts in my head that I’ve yet to write, but in the interest of actually getting something up, here are some photos.

IMG_6864My brother and his family visited and Maya got to meet them.

IMG_6893And I got to meet my niece, Kayli, for the first time!

IMG_6954Maya’s accomplishments continue.  She can now roll over, hold up her head, grab her toes, grab just about everything besides her toes, blow spit bubbles, vocalize diphthongs, and (our favorite) laugh.  Whew!  I’m tired just typing all those things (and not just because she’s sleeping in the crook of my left arm, and, boy is she getting heavy!).

Mel-LiaAug2013My longtime friend, Melanie, visited from Kentucky with her fiance.  We were housemates in 1994-95.  The fact that we lived together for a whole year, and so long ago, and she still traveled all that way to visit, makes me grateful.

IMG_6985Maya really likes all the company, and especially likes laughing at the antics of other kids.  Oh– and she’s home alone with Daddy, now that I’ve been back at work for over a month.

Ah, yes– maternity leave is over.  Another excuse for not posting.  Next post should come sooner!  I’ll try!

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oriental poppy

We all need a break from the baby sometimes, don’t we?  I know I do.   Here are a few photos of beings that never make trouble or keep one awake at night.

"hey baby, hey baby" (if a cactus could speak...)

“hey baby, hey baby” (if a cactus could speak…)

Maya’s insatiable appetite has returned, and last night I didn’t have quite enough milk to fill her up.  We broke out the stash of emergency formula.  The look on her face when she tasted what was coming out of the bottle was priceless.  I didn’t know that such indignant disdain was part of a baby’s facial repertoire.  On second thought… maybe she wasn’t quite SO hungry after all.

just a plain old tulip

just a plain old tulip

So, I’m pondering topics for future posts.  Silly decorations on baby outfits, anyone?  Or how about the insanity of all the different kinds of advice for new mothers (in particular, regarding breastfeeding)?  I’ll probably just keep writing about growing things, i.e., Maya and plants.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!

okay, here's today's gratuitous baby pic

okay, here’s today’s gratuitous baby pic

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Wintry Weather

IMG_6360This past weekend’s snow storm dropped the wet, heavy kind of snow that can break tree branches and bring down power lines.  So I was glad to see the occasional wind guests that blew big clods of snow off of the trees and lines.   We ended up with about 8 inches altogether.  Today’s bright sun has brought mini-avalanches, streams of water flowing through the street, and  beautiful scenery!


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Twas the day before New Year’s and all ‘round one could see

Evidence of the holidays, starting with our crispy tree.

A grand fir from the grocery, it was already dry

On the very day that we picked it to buy.


The stockings were hung by the woodstove so warm

They had to be stuffed elsewhere to avoid doing harm

To the chocolates and soaps and lip balms therein

For me and Bo– and most of his kin.


And what about Joda, you may wonder: where was the pup,

During all the commotion while we opened gifts up?


Well, despite all our efforts to ensure her inclusion

She slept the whole time, in her age and confusion.


So tomorrow we’ll take down stockings and tree and that stuff

Those bits of “holiday cheer” on the floor are enough.

We’ll pack ornaments in their tissues and boxes with care,

Knowing next year an extra set of bright eyes will be there.

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