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In Motion

Her finger is not actually *in* her nose

Her finger is not actually *in* her nose

Now that Maya is mobile, my job as photographer/chronicler is more difficult.  Perhaps this series of photos will illustrate what I mean better than words can.



IMG_8738Or this:

20141227_09321520141227_09323420141227_093212I feel like there’s something about that last photo that shows a resemblance to me.  Maybe it’s just a mannerism, or a shape to her facial expression, but as the parent of a child who looks nothing like me, I guess I’m always sort of looking.




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Signs of Fall

Signs of Fall are everywhere.  Most of the leaves have dropped from the trees around our house, leaving the windows to the rapidly decreasing amount of sunlight each day.

This fellow showed up on our front porch about a week ago.  He didn’t have much to say for himself; in fact, he was rather stiff and quite a bore!  We gave him a beverage and tried to make him feel at home.

This seemed to perk him up a bit.  At least he showed some recognizable facial features!  Unfortunately, they (the facial features) began to deteriorate after only one night.

Clearly one of our neighborhood busybodies– aka squirrels– had been chewing his ear, er, nose off!  The stronger beverage didn’t seem to make him feel much better.  Oh well.  We’ll see how he looks by the time Halloween is here.

Meanwhile, the other neighborhood busybodies, the box elder bugs, were busily doing their thing.  Whatever that is.  They seem to be done reproducing, and have taken to swarming in spots where they are completely annoying.

at least it’s outside the window

One of the things they do, according to my internet sources, is try to find ways inside crevices when it starts to get cold.  This they have been doing with some alacrity.

Bo tried to get rid of some of them with the shop vac, to no avail.  They can see well enough to fly away as soon as he gets close!

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October activities

Caribou Ranch trail in the Fall

What have I been up to for the last few weeks, and why haven’t I posted?

Well, I’ve started to feel like all my blog posts are about the garden or the dog or some other quotidian aspect of life… and then I realized that this must mean my life is quotidian.  Or that my writer’s chops are not good enough to think of a good story to tell regardless of how humdrum life is.  Or, I’m bored with this blog and need to reinvent it.  So there’s the answer to the second question.

downtown Denver from Green Mountain park

To answer the first, well:  I’ve been going to work, where I’ve been teaching lots of freshman students how to do library research, staffing the reference desk, attending lectures, and so on.  I’ve been playing violin with the school’s orchestra, and last Friday we pulled off quite a stunt:  playing background music for a screening of the 1927 silent film Nosferatu.

the pumpkin fairy at the library

On the weekends, I’ve been on some hikes with new friends and a few others by myself.  I rode the light rail to downtown Denver to see a Robert Adams photography exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.  These adventures would have been worthy of posting, and I’m to blame for not taking the photos/assembling the photos/writing the posts.  And, by definition, a weekend filled with hiking or other interesting activities is not a weekend when I have time to write a blog post.

pumpkin bread and muffins made from a garden pumpkin

Finally, I got ready to celebrate Halloween.  I put a pumpkin fairy costume together– idea courtesy of one of my School of Mines colleagues, who dubbed me with this name after I brought her a loaf of sweet bread made with a pumpkin from our garden.  And then, I carved pumpkins for the front stoop and got ready for the trick-or-treaters.  But then Halloween turned out to be the day that Bo flew his airplane back from Oregon after being gone for a month, and I had to pick him up instead of answering the door.  So, I was glad that I was allowed to wear my costume to work that day and was therefore able to get some mileage out of it.

And that’s about it for the month of October!  It certainly was a pretty month, with colorful leaves, sparkling sun, and a couple of snowstorms to boot.

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snowman with pumkin head

The snow storm kindly waited until after Halloween, so that the trick-or-treaters’ evening wasn’t ruined.  It did start to snow within 24 hours, though.  Enough snow came down that my whimsical side was tempted (notice how the wet snow rolled itself up like sod grass or a carpet).

ruined snow man

Help! I've fallen and I... oh never mind

However, both snow and jack-o-lanterns alike are pretty fleeting at this time of year.  This snow person only lasted an hour or so.

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Spring wishes

Happy Easter, happy Passover, happy Spring Equinox!

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The Night Before

The stockings were laid by the chimney with care

and sounds of St. Nick were heard in the air

Finished product! the stocking I made for my nephew

Merry Christmas, happy Solstice, and a joyous New Year to all! May you and your families enjoy the season.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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