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And the Cactus

My last post about anticipation left out one plant.  This little cactus has been with us for about a year now and has put up with our move, lack of sun, too much sun, and even being left out in the snow.

When we first bought it at the garden center, it had a blossom that was about to open, but the transition to our house and then to a new pot seemed to shock it, and we never saw it in full bloom.  Now that it’s been with us for a year, it seemed happy enough to bloom again.  However, it fully let out its radiance for only one part of one day.That short interval, of course, happened while I was at work.  At least Bo got to see it, and captured it with the camera on his phone (and emailed it to me, so that I least I could see a picture of it while I was at work).  And that’s that for another year!  The flowers are still there, but they open less and less each day, and are beginning to shrivel.  Such is the life of a desert plant, I guess.


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It’s spring– and that means lots of things are about to happen.  I already posted photos of flowers that have bloomed in my yard, but now I’m seeing even more surprises as other kinds begin to bloom.  The numerous irises I was sure wouldn’t produce flowers, since they probably haven’t been separated or transplanted for many years.  But, amazingly enough, they’re putting out buds already.

An oriole nest hangs from the silver maple tree in the back yard, and our landlord tells us that the birds come back every year in June to re-use it.  You may remember that last year we got to watch robins nest on our front stoop– and when I lived in Dayville I had phoebes come to nest under the eave of my porch every summer.  In between those two experiences were the bald eagle chicks– but maybe that’s a tale for another time.  At any rate, I’ve never watched orioles at all, much less oriole chicks, so I’m excited.We’re also planning to get rid of the swing set and plant a patch of grass where it sits.  The former tenant had two dogs whose favorite toilet spot was right under the swings, so we (okay, mostly Bo) have spent a lot of time cleaning that area.  Although the play set is nice, we have no one to use it, and we think at least one resident of the house (ie, Joda) will really enjoy a nice plot of grass to lay in.  Yes, we’ll keep the trampoline…And there are so many other things to look forward to.  Maybe a mouthful of strawberries this year?And perhaps some raspberries too…Or some roses…and garlic!

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We’re having a premature spring here in Colorado, but even as we all worry about drought and fire danger, I don’t really hear anyone complaining about the shorts and sandals weather.  Of, course the joy of spring weather was amplified by the appearance of the bulb flowers.  It’s one thing when you plant the bulbs in the fall and wait all winter to see them bloom.  It’s another when you move into a place with no idea of what will arise with the advent of spring, which is what we’re doing now.

My photos don’t do them justice, but there are little grape hyacinths all over the front yard.  The daffodils are majestic and beautiful, but so fleeting.  The tulips are sticking around for multiple days, amazingly enough.  I never dared grow tulips after the first year I tried them in Oregon and had the deer come and munch them down to nothing just as they were about to bloom.  So far (I’m saying this very quietly so they don’t hear!), our resident cervids seem to be unaware or restraining themselves…In other news, we seem to have stabilized our little community of birds and squirrels in the back yard.  We now have a BB gun, which has not been used to kill anything, but only to train certain critters to fly away when they catch a glimpse.  The squirrels still make their appearance, but are respectful of the birds’ territory, and the starlings are more cautious than they were before.  The pair of doves make us a regular stop on their neighborhood rounds, as do the flickers.  And this evening, a couple of spotted towhees dropped in– my first ever sighting!

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