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Class Insecta


Our house was invaded, er, visited by a couple of insects on Halloween!  Maya was a bee and I was a wogglebug.  We went to visit a few neighbors to show off our costumes; Maya was old enough to understand that there was something to be excited about, but wasn’t very clear what it was.  Luckily, she also doesn’t know about candy yet.  Next year I suppose that will all be different…


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List of Excuses


McClure Pass, Colorado

I feel sheepish even visiting my blog site after such a long period of neglect.  Do I remember how to post a new entry?  How many updates to the WordPress program have I missed?  Will anyone ever read my blog again?

Ah, parenthood.  It makes it so easy to shuffle out of a familiar space you used to visit every day and just forget to come back for weeks or even months.  In August, I started running again, after a hiatus of nearly two years.  But I had to make a conscious decision about how I was going to add this activity to my schedule, how many times a week, and so on.  Now I’m trying to do the same with this blog.

If I still have any readers left, I would like to apologize for the long period of silence.  And make a few excuses:

1. The Dog Ate my Homework

Okay, actually, the baby ripped the keys off my laptop and wreaked havoc with my tablet computer.  Those touchscreen devices are pretty cool– until a 1-year-old discovers how cool they are.

2. I Thought it Was Due Next Week

Or, more precisely, I thought this week was last week.  Who can keep track of time with a demanding, excruciating, delightful, frustrating, hilarious little munchkin using it all up?

3. I Didn’t Think You’d Notice if I Skipped an Assignment or Two (or Three or Four)…

Now that it’s mostly baby photos that people want, and not my words of wisdom (or foolishness), that’s what I’ve been serving up.  In a tiny effort to protect my daughter’s privacy, I try to share the photos and videos on an invite-only basis.  Message me or comment if you’d like to join my “Mayalerts” email list.

Thanks for reading!

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The Cup

IMG_7675A few posts ago, I mentioned the sparkly coffee mug that Maya gets so excited about.  So, this morning I thought I’d better take a picture at a typical moment. It’s a little dim, but you can see the sparkle of the mug and the reverence in Maya’s face.

Other things that she gets unreasonably excited about:  lights, the plants that live in the sun room at the front of our house, the Rubber Ducky Song video with Ernie from Sesame Street.

She and I have been going to a signing class for babies every Saturday this month.  Yesterday was our last meeting, and I think she actually has figured out that she can sign some words!  Predictably, her first sign was “light” (which was not even part of the class, but I looked it up to use at home since that’s such a key word for her).  She also seems to know “more,” “eat,” and maybe “milk.”

But formal communication systems aside, she’s still quite the clown.  Rather than sign “more” at mealtime, why not just open your mouth as wide as possible and lean forward like a baby bird?  And verbally she’s working more on animal sounds than actual words.  Last night she woke up at 4 am and went through the litany: “ott ott,” then “ssss” (snake sound), and then “click click” (like horse hoofs).  At least I didn’t hear a plaintive “nana” (“banana”– generalized to “food”, or “I’m hungry”).

So, for more amusement, here she is in action, worshiping The Cup.

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Trip to Minnesota

IMG_7381Maya and I traveled to Minneapolis a few weeks ago to spend a few days with family there.  My grandmother is 98 years old and by now she probably had given up on meeting a great-grandchild produced by me.

IMG_7377So, they now have met.  Maya was a trooper during the travel process, and my grandma was a trooper while having her face and other body parts grabbed.

Grandma was impressed by how happy Maya is.  She asked several times whether Maya ever cries.  The next photo documents Maya crying while on my grandma’s lap.  My grandma, who doesn’t hear well, is just about to ask “What’s that sound?”


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Gone but not Forever


I’m pretty sure it was summer the last time I posted.  Now it’s fall, or possibly winter!  Today was definitely fall, as evidenced by the photo above.  Tomorrow there is supposed to be snow (I don’t think I will take a picture like the above in that setting… unless she is really, really driving us crazy!  ha ha).

In general, Maya is not driving us crazy at all.  She’s very fun.  As you can see, she has two teeth, and while there were periods of pain for us all, it was really quite easy teething.  We suspect she’s got the two upper incisors starting to make their way out right now.

A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.  It had nothing to do with Maya, so it was quite a rude irony, since I sometimes am sleep deprived because of her.  However, I discovered that I could get a lot done in the middle of the night when no one else was up.  What a wonderful plan!  I thought.  Sleep deprivation, here I come!  The key would be coffee.  Coffee in the morning, coffee in the afternoon.  I suddenly became a regular at the overpriced coffee stand at the library.   The result is… I sleep every night from the moment I lie down until the moment I am rudely awoken by my alarm clock or someone else in my family.  Oh well.  The coffee tastes good and is something to look forward to in the afternoons.

Besides, what work is more important than this one?


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The past 6 weeks

Aug4-2013Has it really been six weeks since I last posted?  Yes, maybe even more!  YIkes!

I feel bad.  I have a few posts in my head that I’ve yet to write, but in the interest of actually getting something up, here are some photos.

IMG_6864My brother and his family visited and Maya got to meet them.

IMG_6893And I got to meet my niece, Kayli, for the first time!

IMG_6954Maya’s accomplishments continue.  She can now roll over, hold up her head, grab her toes, grab just about everything besides her toes, blow spit bubbles, vocalize diphthongs, and (our favorite) laugh.  Whew!  I’m tired just typing all those things (and not just because she’s sleeping in the crook of my left arm, and, boy is she getting heavy!).

Mel-LiaAug2013My longtime friend, Melanie, visited from Kentucky with her fiance.  We were housemates in 1994-95.  The fact that we lived together for a whole year, and so long ago, and she still traveled all that way to visit, makes me grateful.

IMG_6985Maya really likes all the company, and especially likes laughing at the antics of other kids.  Oh– and she’s home alone with Daddy, now that I’ve been back at work for over a month.

Ah, yes– maternity leave is over.  Another excuse for not posting.  Next post should come sooner!  I’ll try!

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Nine Weeks

She can't believe it either

She can’t believe it either

Miss Maya is 9 weeks old today.  While this is hard to believe, the signs are undeniable: the newborn-size onesies no longer fit, she holds her head up most of the time, she’s way too big to be inside of me, and she’s sticking out her tongue and smiling at us.

hanging out with Uncle Jamie

hanging out with Uncle Jamie

She’s visited with many family members already, and has been lucky to get to know her grandparents on both sides, as well as several uncles and an aunt.

with Great-Uncle Jeff

with Great-Uncle Jeff


chatting with Grandma

chatting with Grandma

...and with the other Grandma

…and with the other Grandma



..and Grandpa

..and Grandpa

She’s lucky to have so many relatives come to visit!




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