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Great Scott!

Mount Scott is a side-volcano on the east side of Crater Lake.  When the Mount Mazama volcano complex erupted 7,700 years ago and then collapsed to form the basin that is now Crater Lake, Mt. Scott survived relatively unscathed.  Today it is the highest point in the park (~8,900 feet), and there’s a trail up to the fire lookout tower at the top.north of Crater Lake NP

I climbed Mt. Scott a few days ago after work.  I don’t know why I was saving this trail like something that was going to absorb a whole day of my time.  It took a little under an hour to get to the top, and about that to walk back down.  I would definitely hike it in the morning next time, for better views of the lake.

the lake from Mt. Scott

As the summer winds down, I’ve been exploring the other trails and overlooks on the East Rim Drive of Crater Lake.  What a great and relatively unvisited part of the park!


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